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Who we are?

ADE-ARCHITECTURE is an Architecture, Engineering and Design agency based in Bamako, Mali. Its General Manager, Mr. Elie ADJATI is a sworn member registered on the board of the National Order of Architects and Urban Planners of Benin (O.N.A.U.B) under the registration number 192 Our agency composed of a dynamic and voluntary team is specialized in the Design, the Spatial Architecture, Engineering, Site Monitoring, Training, ... ADE-ARCHITECTURE by joining forces with engineering and other trades, aims to research, improve and innovate constantly; in order to achieve an optimum project for the client. Our approach is contemporary and each design is site specific. We promote the marriage of innovation with the spirit of the site. This, through the adoption of new technologies. Our work equipment pack for this purpose uses some of the best design software, structural calculations, design engines and 3D renderings, with significant memory capacities.

Our Concepts
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It is because we have developed an architectural language specific to us by promoting the intelligent distribution of spaces and forms, that: We accompany you step by step, through site visits and various drafts of preliminary projects and sketches. We accompany you on the design and the realization of a new project or for the customization of an existing project. We follow the progress of your construction site and we offer you suitable furniture and decoration..

  • ADE-ARCHITECTUREbases its concept on respect for the environment, integration into the site, sustainable development and optimization of space while favoring simple but profound aesthetics.

  • ADE-ARCHITECTURE attaches importance to the quality of relationships and the trust of its customers.

Given the development challenges facing Africa and without Mali remaining, ADE-ARCHITECTURE must optimize its workflow to improve better-controlled projects. A hope to participate in this way in making Africa take its ticket for the train of sustainable and modern development at the same time.